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Service for cabinetmakers

Custom mirror and glass cuts for cabinetmakers:

Elevate your furniture designs with our custom mirror and glass cuts, providing a distinct touch to each project. Specially designed for your cabinet doors, table tops, shelves, medicine cabinets and more, our custom cuts integrate harmoniously into your designs. Our diverse range of glass, including clear, satin glass and various textures, adds a unique aesthetic to your creations.
Additionally, we pride ourselves on offering fast service at competitive prices so your projects come to life without delay.

Contact us now for a complete and personalized price list tailored to your needs.

We collaborate with these cabinetmakers

We are proud to collaborate with a select list of renowned cabinetmakers. Our partnership with these furniture design experts ensures that our bespoke mirror and glass cuts fit seamlessly into their functional works of art. Working in concert with leading cabinetmakers, we bring a unique dimension to each project, merging our skills to create pieces of furniture of exceptional beauty and practical functionality.

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